Rewind: the world’s most beautiful oases pt. 2


Written by Valentina Romano

Remember our previous article on the world’s most beautiful oases?

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Well today’s feature covers the same topic, just focusing on different places.


As we mentioned before, there are so many beautiful hidden places around the world that we actually feel the need to tell you about them all. All those wonderful oases concealed by sand dunes, or rocky mountains, would never be on the tourist trail, as they are too remote and unknown.

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Take the opportunity to visit a place that half of the world doesn’t know about, and head off on a trip to discover the lost desert towns mentioned below.

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So, here we go, talking about isolated oases located in the middle of dry and deadly deserts.

In the last article we concentrated on Ein Gedi Oasis, Crescent Lake Oasis, Wadi Bani Khalid, Desert Lake Oasis; so today’s post features Turpan Oasis, Timia Oasis, Huacachina Oasis, and Agua Caliente.


Turpan Oasis, China
Turpan, also known as Turfan, is a city located at the centre of a fertile oasis in the Xinjiang Uyghur region of China. It is considered an important trade centre, as it was historically located along the Silk Road’s northern route.
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Timia Oasis, Sahara Desert, Niger
This is a small village nestled in a beautiful oasis positioned in the Agadez Region. When there, it is possible to visit a seasonal waterfall, an old French fort and the nearby ruined town of Assodé.
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Agua Caliente, Arizona
Agua Caliente is one of the riverine oasis communities to settle along the Santa Cruz River in southeastern Arizona, near Patagonia. This oasis has been habited for millennia, and it presents wonderful surrounding landscapes.
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Huacachina Oasis, Peru
This oasis is located in the Ica Region, in southwestern Peru. The oasis-town of Huacachina is built around a small natural lake in the desert, and it features several tourists’ attractions, such as sandboarding and buggy-riding on sand dunes.
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