Rewind: wonderful Rock Formations pt. 3


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Written by Valentina Romano

Over a month ago we featured an article entitled “Wonderful Rock Formations”, which focused on the most peculiar and stunning rock formations around the globe. Throught this article we showed you the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, the Kannesteinen in Norway, the Glenn Canyon in Arizona, the Arches National Park in Utah, Baatara Gorge in Lebanon, and last, but not least, the Etretat in France.

Etretat, Normandy, France 6 res

As we noticed that our readers—you—really enjoyed the topic, we wrote a sequel to the above-mentioned post: “Wonderful Rock Formations part 2”. In this feature we talked about the Stone Forest in China, the Sea Caves in Portugal, Hancock Gorge in Australia, and finally Moon Lake Moonrise in California.

mono 1

The more we researched the most peculiar and stunning rock formations, the more we realised that there are so many in this world, that it would be a shame not to show them all to you. Especially because most of those places are not renowned, so unless you know exactly what to look for and where, you would never be able to see them.


So here we go with our “Wonderful Rock Formations pt. 3”. In this article we feature the Kjerag Mountains in Norway, Cape Kiwanda in Oregon, the Flaming Mountains in China and the Garden of Gods in Colorado.

The Golden Scope put together—as always—an incredible compilations of pictures capturing, in this case, the four rock formations mentioned above.

rock formations



Cape Kiwanda, Oregon, USA
kiwanda 1kiwanda 1a ingkiwanda 2 ingkiwanda 2 tagkiwanda 3kiwanda 4 tagkiwanda 5kiwanda 5akiwanda 5b tagkiwanda 5ckiwanda 5dkiwanda 6kiwanda 6akiwanda 7kiwanda 8


Flaming Mountains, Xinjiang, China
china 1china 1achina 1bchina 1c tagchina 1d reschina 2china 2achina 3china 4china 4achina 5china 6china 7china 8china 9 reschina 10 reschina 11


Garden of Gods, Colorado, USA
Garden 1Garden 1aGarden 1bGarden 1cGarden 2 resGarden 3Garden 4Garden 5Garden 5a resGarden 6Garden 7 tag resGarden 7a resGarden 8Garden 8bGarden 9Garden 9a resGarden 9bGarden 9cGarden 10Garden 11 resGarden 12Garden 13 tag


Kjerag Mountains, Norway
kjerag 1 tag reskjerag 2kjerag 2akjerag 3kjerag 8kjerag 11 ingkjerag 12 reskjerag 13kjerag 14 res


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