Rewind: UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites of South Africa

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Written by Valentina Romano

South Africa is a country known for its stunning national parks, as well as beautiful beaches, and incredible wildlife.

People who travel there would usually head to the Kruger National Park to admire the wonderful surroundings and the wild animals. However, what most of the travellers don’t know is that South Africa was chosen by the UNESCO, as one of the countries presenting World Heritage Sites.

Vredefort Dome 1

Some of the sites are quite renowned and are main attractions for tourist, some others are not so popular, and people don’t know of their existence.

That is precisely why we are here, our task is to talk about places that are not so famous, so that when you head to South Africa, you would already know where to go for an authentic experience.

The UNESCO selected 8 places from South Africa to register under the World Heritage Sites’ List: 4 cultural, 3 natural and one mixed.

Cape Town - Waterfront

Among the cultural spots are: Robben Island (under UNESCO since 1999) where Nelson Mandela was prisoner and Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape (2003); whereas amongst the natural sites we have iSimangaliso Wetland Park (1999) and Cape Floral Region Protected Areas (2004).

To have a better idea of the beauty of these places, have a look at the following photos, all capturing the four Heritage sites mentioned above.


mapungubwe national park 1mapungubwe national park 1bmapungubwe national park 2Mapungubwe National Park - South Africamapungubwe national park 4mapungubwe national park 5mapungubwe national park 5bmapungubwe national park 6mapungubwe national park 6bmapungubwe national park 7mapungubwe national park 7bmapungubwe national park 7cmapungubwe national park 8mapungubwe national park 8bmapungubwe national park 8cmapungubwe national park 8dmapungubwe national park 8emapungubwe national park 8fmapungubwe national park 8gmapungubwe national park 9 tagliare resizemapungubwe national park 9b

robben_island 1robben-island 1brobben-island 2robben-island 2brobben-island 2crobben-island 2drobben-island 2erobben-island 3robben-island 3brobben-island 3c tagliarerobben-island 3drobben-island 4robben-island 4b

iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 3iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 2iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 4Fish traps in St Lucia wetlandsiSimangaliso_Wetland_park 6iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 7iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 8iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 9iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 10iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 11iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 12iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 13iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 14 ingrandireiSimangaliso_Wetland_park 15 tagliare resizeiSimangaliso_Wetland_park 16 tagliareiSimangaliso_Wetland_park 17 tagliareAFR 310DER198 01iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 19iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 20iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 21iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 22 tagliareiSimangaliso_Wetland_park 23iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 24iSimangaliso_Wetland_park 25 resize

a x testo IMG_4115Cape-Floral-KingdomCape-Floral-Kingdom 1Cape-Floral-Kingdom 2Cape-Floral-Kingdom 3Cape-Floral-Kingdom 4Cape-Floral-Kingdom 5Cape-Floral-Kingdom 6Cape-Floral-Kingdom 7Cape-Floral-Kingdom 8Cape-Floral-Kingdom 9Cape-Floral-Kingdom 10Cape-Floral-Kingdom 11Cape-Floral-Kingdom 13Cape-Floral-Kingdom 14Cape Town sunset 1 ingrandireCape Town sunset 1bCape Town sunset 1cCape Town sunset 2 tagliare


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