The most stunning urban parks pt. 2

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Last week The Golden Scope featured an article on “The most stunning urban parks” of the world, and it focused on Central Park in New York, Bois de Boulogne in Paris, Chapultepec in Mexico City and Englischer Garten in Munich.

As we noticed that there are so many other beautiful urban parks, and that it would be a real shame not to show them to you, we decided to pick other four parks for you to get to know.


However, before starting telling you about each single place, it is fundamental to understand the importance of having an urban park in a metropolis.


Indeed, cities are expanding more and more, replacing natural environments with skyscrapers and street. Pollution is rising exponentially, and chaos could some times reign among the streets.


An urban park is like an oasis in a dry and hostile desert; it could be the only escape the city life!

Having established this, now we can proceed with the introduction of four stunning city parks.


Boboli Gardens, Florence – Italy
The Gardens are located behind the famous Pitti Palace, the former residence of the Medici family, the grand dukes of Tuscany. Boboli can be dated back to the 16th century and it was designed for Cosimo de Medici’s wife, Eleonora. This beautiful urban park features a breath-taking view of the city.
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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco – USA

In the 1860s, citizens of San Francisco began to feel the need for a spacious urban park, so in 1870 the development for Golden Gate Park began. The park was only finished in 1903. Golden Gate is perfect for relaxing walks and romantic pick-nicks. It is considered the 5th most visited park in the United States.
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Hamarikyu Gardens, Tokyo – Japan

This is a public park situated in Tokyo, Japan. Built along the Sumida River, Hamarikyu was officially opened in April 1, 1946. For an authentic Japanese tea-break, head to Nakashima, which is located in the middle of the pond in the garden. This traditional teahouse offers really good matcha and Nippon desserts.
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Hyde Park, London – England

Hyde Park was created in 1536 by Henry VIII for hunting purposes. Today the whole park covers 142 hectares and it is considered as one of the largest parks in the city of London. When in Hyde Park you should go try one of the restaurants located around the main lake in heart of the park.

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