What to see when in Iceland

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Iceland could surely be considered as one of the world’s most stunning country. Located in northern Europe, Iceland is an island that borders the Atlantic and the Arctic oceans.

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The whole island is volcanically and geologically active. It features plateaus of sand and lava fields, mountains and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands.

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Thanks to the geological activity of Iceland, when there it is possible to admire colossal geysers, as well as many other unique and incredible natural phenomena.

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According to historians, Iceland was first habited in 874 AC, when the Norwegians became the first permanent settlers on the island.

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Although during following centuries several Scandinavian settlements began to cover the island, from 1262 to 1918, Iceland was ruled by Norway, and then by Denmark. Iceland gained independence only in 1918 and became an actual republic in 1944.

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Anyway, enough of history and geographical details, the reason why we chose to feature Iceland is mainly because of its breath-taking landscapes and one-of-a-kind tourist attractions.

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Indeed, when there you mustn’t miss the Landmannalaugar hills, Hornstrandir, Askja, Flatey, Blue Lagoon Volcanoes, Myvatn Lake and Pórsmörk National Park.

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Þórsmörk 1 resÞórsmörk 2 ingÞórsmörk 3 ingThorsmork tourism destinationsÞórsmörk 5 ingÞórsmörk 6Þórsmörk 7 ingSkogafoss, IcelandÞórsmörk 9 ing


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