World’s most luxurious ski resorts

Whether you are a big fan of skiing, or you just simply prefer to go to the Spa while outside is snowing; The Golden Scope found 9 ski


Christmas around Europe

Since this week is close to Christmas, we—at The Golden Scope—decided to prepare articles themed for the Winter Holiday.
We purposely chose to publish this article on


Europe and its castles

Today the Golden Scope has chosen to show you some of the most beautiful and representative European castles.
These magical ancient buildings always tickle the imagination of


Most beautiful Christmas markets around the world

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas market, don’t you find?
Walking down a road filled with people enjoying the cold and the festive atmosphere. Smelling mulled


World’s most romantic restaurants

Today is St. Valentine’s—the one-and-only day that celebrates romantic love. For this reason we decided we couldn’t not write about something romantic…
Since tonight should be the


Wonderful cliff towns

There are some towns somewhere in the world that are extremely colourful, some others that are situated in the most remote regions of our planet, and some


The most stunning Urban Parks

Living in the city could have several advantages. Everything is close by, supermarket, shops and restaurants; your office is probably not too far from you either; and


Visit the most enchanting train stations

Written by Valentina Romano
Some people say that the best way to travel is via train, as it is possible to witness the landscape changing, as well

Travel & Art

Rewind: world’s strangest sculptures

Written by Valentina Romano
Are you ready to travel the world to view the most incredible and strangest sculptures ever made?
The Golden Scope put together a