The kingdom of flowers, Hitachi Seaside Park

If you love to admire spectacular landscapes, you should definitely head to Japan and go visit Hitachi Seaside Park.
This unique natural park is characterised by a


The strangest spas of the world

If you’re dying to go on a break/get-away because your job is exhausting you, then what you need to recharge your ‘batteries’ is a couple of days


Sanja Matsuri, the Shintoist festival

Japan, or in Japanese language: Nihon or Nippon, with its history and its traditions is one of the countries that most characterizes the Far East. Each year

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Touka no Kyouen show

One of the world’s most fascinating and wonderful festivals—a part from the ice sculptures one happening in China—takes place in Japan during the winter period. This amazing


Zao Fox Village

Over a year ago we published an article on Cat Island, an islet off the coast of Japan that is habited by thousands of cats. While researching


Unique dive sites

Any diving location can really thrill and educate enthusiastic divers—even a swimming pool, when diving for the first time!
However, there are some dive sites that offer


Japan’s top cherry blossom spots

What could be more beautiful than walking down a road framed with trees covered in pink flowers? If a road is not for you because it could


Rewind: nature’s most peculiar sculptures


Written by Valentina Romano
Nature has been constantly rewarding us with incredible and breath-taking landscapes to admire – natural pool to plunge ourselves in – and


Tree houses, every adult’s dream

You must have dreamt of owning a tree house at some point when you were a kid, or am I wrong?
Well there are still people in