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London, off the tourist trails

“From the top of the bus she could see the vast bowl of London spreading out to the horizon: splendid shops with mannequins in the window, interesting


Ice bars from around the world

If you have never heard of an ice bar before, then you better keep your hears open and list—more accurately—read what we are about to tell you!


The Notting Hill Carnival

Each year, during last days of August, London host one of the most popular European festivals around: the Notting Hill Carnival.

The Notting Hill Carnival, which


World’s most romantic restaurants

Today is St. Valentine’s—the one-and-only day that celebrates romantic love. For this reason we decided we couldn’t not write about something romantic…
Since tonight should be the


The most stunning urban parks pt. 2

Last week The Golden Scope featured an article on “The most stunning urban parks” of the world, and it focused on Central Park in New York, Bois de


Visit the most enchanting train stations

Written by Valentina Romano
Some people say that the best way to travel is via train, as it is possible to witness the landscape changing, as well

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Rewind: world’s strangest sculptures

Written by Valentina Romano
Are you ready to travel the world to view the most incredible and strangest sculptures ever made?
The Golden Scope put together a


The most iconic skyscrapers of our time

Written by Valentina Romano
Every country has a “signature-building” that works as identity card: Italy has the Colosseum, Cambodia has Angkor Wat, Sydney the Opera House and