The glowworms of Waitomo Caves

New Zealand, an island country consisting of two large islands, the North Island and the South Island, and many smaller islands. Its wonderful nature was shown to


World’s most luxurious ski resorts

Whether you are a big fan of skiing, or you just simply prefer to go to the Spa while outside is snowing; The Golden Scope found 9 ski


The Maori legend of Lake Wakatipu

Today The Golden Scope decided to share with you an article on a beautiful New Zealander lake: Lake Wakatipu.
Located in the Otago Region in the Southern


Rotorua and the thermal sources

New Zealand, a fairyland.. it’s impossible not to think about the saga of The Lord of the Rings and its beautiful natural settings, … a country where


Milford Sound, the dream of every photographer

There is a place in New Zealand  able to enchant photographers from around the world and to leave speechless the globetrotting; it is Milford Sound!
This amazing


Tour in New Zealand

Thanks to the acclaimed “The Lord of the Rings” movies directed by Peter Jackson, New Zealand has now become one of the world’s most popular tourists destinations.

Art & Photography

Wonderful rock formations

You have probably realised by now that The Golden Scope is a huge fan of Mother Nature’s work. Our previous articles “Tunnels made of plants” and “Unique


Tokelau, the atolls not much known

New Zealand, a beautiful country to which The Golden Scope has already dedicated some articles showing his wild and wonderful nature in various forms, from the fjords


World’s most romantic restaurants

Today is St. Valentine’s—the one-and-only day that celebrates romantic love. For this reason we decided we couldn’t not write about something romantic…
Since tonight should be the


Rewind: nature’s most peculiar sculptures


Written by Valentina Romano
Nature has been constantly rewarding us with incredible and breath-taking landscapes to admire – natural pool to plunge ourselves in – and