The most stunning Urban Parks

Living in the city could have several advantages. Everything is close by, supermarket, shops and restaurants; your office is probably not too far from you either; and


Visit the most enchanting train stations

Written by Valentina Romano
Some people say that the best way to travel is via train, as it is possible to witness the landscape changing, as well

Art & Photography

Photo Collection of Paris

Photos by Leonardo Nelva Stellio
Let’s take a look at la Ville Lumière from the eyes of someone that was actually there, wandering around the little Parisian

Travel & Art

Mural paintings from all over the planet

Written by Valentina Romano
From all across the world, here are some of the most creative, strange and beautiful mural paintings.
The Golden Scope managed to find


Cat Cafés: Pick the One Closest to You

Have you ever wanted a pet animal but because you work too much you can’t take care of it?
Along the lines of the Japanese Cat Cafés,