Cruise the Nile to discover Egypt’s uniqueness


Written by Valentina Romano

The wonderful yellow desert that opens up on the sides of the river Nile, the gigantic ruins that rise by the muddy waters and the extraordinary Pyramids of Giza; these are only few of the numerous things that make Egypt such a unique and fascinating country.


The ancient Egyptian culture is what turned this state into a container of some of the most precious historical sites, such as the Luxor Temple, or the mystical Abydos site.


If you have to choose where to go on holiday and Egypt is on your list of destinations, I suggest you book a cruise on the Nile, instead of a long boring holiday on the Red Sea. Why? Because in a week or two, you will be able to see, experience and witness almost every single cultural attraction. Indeed, a Nile Cruise, is perfect for those who want to actually live the Egyptian atmosphere and be overwhelmed by the mystical legends and stories that for thousands of years have travelled through history until today.


Going on a river cruise could be seen as a different way of organising a holiday: instead of the usual hotel, usual beach, usual activities; you will be able to actually see different places without changing room, or moving from hotel to hotel. Besides, The sunsets on the Nile are famous all over the world for being as fascinating as breath taking.


Among all the river cruises that can be taken from Cairo to travel up the Nile; The Golden Scope chose for you the best and most authentic ones. In addition to this – to make your life easier – The Golden Scope also shortlisted the most stunning and incredible cultural sites that you should definitely not miss.


Surely almost everyone has heard of the famous Giza, where both the Pyramids and Sphinx are located. This site is a must-see.Giza-Egypt

Kom Ombo Temple is also a must-visit: it presents statues and decorations that were used to honour the goddess of Crocodiles, Sobek, and the falcon-headed god, Haroeris.Kom-Ombo-Temple-in-Aswan-Egypt

Luxor Temple should be definitely on your list when you embark for the magical cruise on the Nile.Luxor Temple Egypt

The Valley of the Kings is also a world’s famous site that includes some of the most important faros’ tombs. Amenhotep III, Ramses and Tutankhamun are all buried in there.valley-of-the-kings-3

Abu Simbel should be paid a visit for sure when you pass though Luxor during your cruise. This historical ruins present colossal statues, as well as a fascinating underground temple.abu-simbel

For those of you who watched the movie the Mummy, Abydos should sounds and look quite familiar. This site allows you to visit the remains of the temple of Seti I, numerous tombs, and other few minor temples.08-tours-egypt-temple_65917_600x450

THE CRUISEsonesta_dahabiya_01

One of the best cruises on the Nile is provided by the Sonesta Nile Cruises, which offers facilities, services and excursions for any kind of need and wish.

Giving you the choice between six different boats, you can choose the most suitable one for you, taking into consideration the itinerary, the services and the ambience provided on board.


Pick the best option for you and fly over to Egypt to witness the magic and fascination of the ancient Faros.

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