Most wonderful caves on the planet

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Imagine walking down a dark cave.

You can hear the drops of water falling on the wet rocks, and the air is so cold that it’s giving you goose bumps.

You can barely see, but thanks to you small torch you can at least follow the path and try not to trip on the slippery stones.

It does sound like a horror movie, but this is actually an incredible experience. There are only few caves in the world that are really worth visiting, and those few are absolutely unique.

Once you start descending in the deepest darkness, you will find that the ‘so-scary’ hole is actually hiding a wonderful world: glowing warms, bright rocks and many other incredible things will make your journey into the abyss of Earth as magnificent as unforgettable.

The Golden Scope thought that you might be curious to know which are the most wonderful and majestic caves in the world; so it prepared a list of the ‘caves-to-visit’ for your reference!


foto-3For those of you who live in South East Asia, or who are planning on travelling around that region, Son Doong Cave is definitely a must-see. This incredible cave, which is located in Vietnam, has been said to be the biggest and deepest one on the planet, and it presents some of the strangest and most wonderful landscapes.

amazing-caves-14-2For Europeans Vietnam might be a bit far, so the best option for them would probably be the Russian Ice Cave located right next to the Mutnovusky Volcano. This incredible cave is completely covered in ice, and thanks to the brightness of the snow, as soon as a small light begins to brighten up the cave, the walls and ceilings turn into a colorful painting!

Naica2Moving all the way from Europe to South America, Naica Mine Cave in Mexico surely needs you to pay a visit. This is the largest crystal cave on the planet, and when there it is possible to admire some of the most gigantic crystals you will ever see. At the moment the cave is closed to the public, but hopefully they will open it soon!

vatnajokull-ice-cap-iceland_67773_990x742Vatnajokull Glacier Cave is a real natural show: offering some of the most wonderful ‘panoramas’, this cave is a living ice sculpture! Ceilings, walls, stones are all covered in ice. This cave is located in Iceland.

amazing-caves-3-1Flying back to the Asian region, Malaysia presents some really incredible caves too. The most accessible and strange one is Batu Caves. This caves, which is only 20 minutes away from the center of Kuala Lumpur, is one of its kind as it is a very mystical and religious place. Indeed, hundreds of years ago, Indus turned this natural spot into a center for prayers. When there, you will have to climb up the thousands of steps that lead to the main cave, but once you reach the top, you will be enchanted by both the view and the internal decorations of the cave.

amazing-caves-5-1For those of you who are based in Oceania, Glowworms Caves is a must see! Part of the New Zealander natural heritage, this cave is an absolute beauty. Dark and humid, the rocky walls and ceilings are perfect habitats for the glowing worms: strange amphibious that – like the name suggests – glow in the dark.amazing-caves-8-2The Marble Cave in Patagonia also offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The turquoise surfaces that compose this wonderful place make the whole atmosphere as magical as unique.

amazing-caves-15-1China is also a good place to go visit strange and magnificent caves. In particular, the Reed Flute Cave, which is located in Guangxi, should definitely be on your list! This wonderful cave is known all over the planet for its unique natural show of glowing stalagmites and stalactites.


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