Sark Island

Sark Island

English Channel, this stretch of sea separates the Great Britain from continental Europe, and it connects the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean;  its narrowest point has a width of 34 kilometers.

In fact the Strait of Dover is the sea link between the homonym town in the English county of Kent and Odinghen the town in the Department of the Pas de Calais in France.

The Channel Islands are a group of islands that lie near the French territory but they are some dependencies of the British crown; their inhabitants have British passport on which, however, there aren’t  the usual words “United Kingdom”, but  “British Islands”.

The inhabited Channel Islands are 8, and among these, The Golden Scope will show you: Sark Island. This small island  is a true ecological paradise because vehicles can’t access them…

The only way to get around in Sark is by bike, sometimes by tractor… so for the visitors arriving by ferry from Guernsey’s… there is a relaxing atmosphere… no traffic and no pollution!

The approximately 600 inhabitants of Sark have the privilege to live in the third millennium without any form of stress due to pollution: acoustic pollution and also brighter pollution!

In fact, the light pollution illuminates abnormally heaven metropolis; often it’s impossible to view the picturesque beauty of the stars!  This didn’t happen in the Sark Island, where on clear nights … you can see the different constellations into an attractive dark…. without “intrusive” lights!

Sark Island is composed of two parts: Greater Sark and Little Sark, which are connected by a thin strip of land, only 3 meters wide, emerging from the sea about  90 meters. Today some railings protective are installed. Before that children to avoid falling into the sea had to pass crawling this path … At this point, everyone have understood that Sark Island is one of those unique places …. must visit!


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