Whitewater Rafting, the real adventure

Whitewater Rafting, the real adventure

Have you always wanted to go on a real adventure and follow the path of a river until it gets wavy, aggressive and dangerous?

Have you always wanted to do whitewater rafting somewhere isolated, wild and wonderful?

If the classic rafting ‘tracks’ with hundreds of screaming tourists are not really your thing; you should have a look at the following list. The Golden Scope selected the most adventurous and craziest places to do whitewater rafting for you to go. From Alaska to South America, you can finally experience some real danger, while witnessing some of the most stunning landscapes.

What to do next? Check which river is closest to you, and fly over with a group of brave friends!


Colorado River, Arizona, U.S.

Rio Futaleufú, Patagonia, Chile

Upper Navua River, Fiji

Tatshenshini River, Alaska, U.S.

Pacuare River, Costa Rica


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