Djerbahood open-air museum

Djerbahood Museum

Photos by Aline Deschamps – Galerie Itinerrance

When we read about Djerbahood, the first thought that came through our minds was writing about it to show it to you too.

There are, indeed, numerous open-air museums around the world—for example the Open Air Museum of Ethnography in Tbilisi, or Rome itself—however, this one specifically is one of its kind.

If you take a look at all the other open-air museums, the majority of them exhibit ancient works of art, buildings, monuments and/or ruins. Djerbahood, on the other hand, showcases modern art blending it with traditional North African architecture.

This fascinating museum, which actually started as a project, was launched by Itinerrance Gallery on the island of Djerba in Tunisia, and artists from all over the world flew in to help realising it.

During the past summers the town of Erriadh (in Djerba) hosted 150 painters from 30 different nationalities.


Cekis, Chile

B-Toy, Spain

Roa, Belgium

C215, France

Swoon, U.S.A.

El Seed, Tunisia

Alexis Diaz, Puerto Rico

David De La Mano, Spain

Thanks to Djerbahood, Erriadh has now become the place where artists can let their creativity run free.

Besides the project transformed the town, which now seems to be part of a surreal world where authenticity and traditionalism live hand-in-hand with modernity and contemporary art.

Anyway, to really understand what this museum is all about, you should take a look at the photos and the final video included in this article. And feel free to share your thoughts on this unique open-air museum.





(All photos and the video are taken from Djerbahood’s Facebook Page & Official Website )

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