Galapagos Islands, Ecuadorian paradise


The Golden Scope decided to write about the Galapagos, as those islands are so beautiful and fascinating that when there it would be like being in a completely different world!

Crystal clear waters presenting a spectacular marine life, and white sandy beaches, which are homes to numerous animals such as seals, penguins and iguanas, are main features of this part of the world.

For those of you brave enough to reach the Galapagos, The Golden Scope prepared a guide on where to go, how to get there and what to do when there.

For all the others who are just curious about this place, the photos included in this article, will surely give you an idea of the beauty and wonder of those islands!

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The Galapagos is an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean right in front of Ecuador, and the official language is Spanish.

The archipelago was first discovered in 1535 by Fray Tomás de Berlanga, the fourth Bishop of Panama, who while travelling to Peru sailed across the Galapagos. However, those islands began to appear on maps only after the 1570s.

The interesting fauna and the lush flora that live in this archipelago attracted the attention of numerous scientists and naturalists of the 18th/19th century.

The Galápagos became a national park in 1959, and tourists have been allowed there since 1960. Even thou the islands are opened to tourists, there are still some strict regulations that people must to follow. This way the animals and the plants can grow and live in peace, and the landscape doesn’t get spoilt.

To reach the Galapagos you can either fly straight there – and land on the island of San Cristobal or Baltra – or fly to Ecuador and take a boat to the archipelago, but be aware that if you choose to go by boat it will take you 3 days to get to the islands.

Hotels usually organize boat tours of  the islands. Or, if you are willing to spend a bit more, then you should either rent a private yacht and hang around the islands, or go on a cruise.

If you ever get the chance to go to this place, then you should consider yourself a very lucky person, as the Galapagos is a one-of-a-kind archipelago featuring a wonderful, fascinating and beautiful landscape, and being able to experience all that is not something you would see every day.


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