Bajau, sea people

Bajau, sea people

The sea people called Bajau live in the coral triangle of Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia; this ethnic group is not very “familiar” with the mainland… in fact they reside in a sort of piles or in their own boats.

It’s incredible but, thanks their deep knowledge of the ocean, they survived the devastated Tsunami on 2004, bringing very little damage  as found shelter in time!

They are an unknown people to most of the world and thanks to their way of life, their culture and traditions have remained untouched over time.

Usually they come from the sea only if they have to repair their boats and when they trade the caught fish….they are excellent suppliers for the fishing industry of Hong Kong.

They are excellent divers, can to stay submerged for several minutes and to fish with his bare hands going to flush the fish also on the bottom of the sea, up to about 20 feet deep, to the holes where the fish live.

In reality, Bajau are not rich, of course, but the children transmit their joy of living in the clear water of their world,  where they learn swimming before walking, while playing and having fun…and this is emotional for us who live in a complicated world.

They live a simple life, away from the big cities, their home is the sea, a very wonderful and uncontaminated sea ….perhaps their joy of living comes from the fact that they are surrounded by nature in a paradise located between the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia!

If you will be travelling in that area, look for them, because they are a people very kind and welcoming ….


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