Explore the Ultimate Guide To Dubai

Explore the Ultimate Guide To Dubai

Dubai is a land of many wonders and no matter how much time you spend, you will that you are still missing something. Such is the aura and elegance of this fascinating Emirate. Marvelous architecture stands along with traditional quarters in the same land with the man-made islands, there is so much to explore in Dubai. We have listed an article that will act as your Dubai travel guide in exploring and discovering the world class attractions in Dubai.

What to eat in Dubai

Dubai is one of the modern cities that has transformed into an incredible city in the last two decades. A visit to Dubai gives you a chance to dive deep into the guide of Dubai’s gastronomical centers. There are no authentic Dubai delicacies, but a wide variety of delightful dishes that can tantalize the taste buds of any person on the planet. Here are some key insights into the food guide of Dubai.

  • Try the street food at the Dhiyafah Street. Some of the must-try dishes include the chicken shawarma and the shish tawook.
  • The Bu Qtair features delightful local cuisines that will be a pure treat to savor. The menu consists of carefully crafted flavors by the chefs to meet the taste requirements of both locals and tourists.
  • Ravi’s is one of the best restaurants to savor authentic Pakistani cuisine. Some of the best dishes to try out are Haleem and nihari. Mix it with some flatbread and chicken curry.
  • The beautiful Tom & Serg is one of the beautifully designed cafes popular for its ambiance and décor. Some of the must-try dishes include the Cubano sandwich and the cold brew.
  • There is never a shortage of excellent dining restaurants that serve multiple cuisines from all over the world. Some of the popular ones include the Indego by Vineet, Le Petite Maison, Pierchic, etc.

What to drink in Dubai

Traditional Arabic drinks is a special treat to savor irrespective of whether it is a camel milk cappuccino, Jellab and qamardeen, Karak chai, Tamar Hindi, Mint Lemonade, Laban, and Ayran, or traditional Arabic coffee. Each drink is refreshing and unique in its own way. You can even customize your drink with some modern Arabic twists. Alcohol is not banned in this Emirate but is restricted to only hotels and bars. Consuming Alcohol in public is considered a severe offense.

Transportation in Dubai

Subsidized fuel prices make driving one of the most convenient modes of transport of commuting within Dubai. The Dubai Public transport system has seen a significant transformation in the last two decades with the addition of the world-class Dubai Metro, connecting every corner of the city. The Dubai buses help connect the Metro to different parts of the town and are another favorite mode of transport used for daily commuting. The other latest additions to the public transportation system are the Dubai Trams and the Palm Jumeirah Monorail.

The Dubai Canal has enhanced the 80,000 sqm of waterfront spaces and facilities to give rise to incredible recreational areas and stunning vistas. The Abras, Dubai Ferry, and the Water Taxis are used for commuting to the Dubai Creek. Do purchase the Nol Cards, a smart card that can be used to access different public transport networks in Dubai. All the public modes are well defined and act as your Dubai travel guide in guiding you to the best places in Dubai.

Explore the captivating Dubai

Dubai features several state-of-the-art architectures, incredible beaches, and a historic neighborhood that makes Dubai one of the modern tourist hubs of the world. We bring you a list of must-see attractions that will act like your Dubai tourist guide in exploring the best of this city.

Modern Dubai

This incredible masterpiece dominates the Dubai skyline. No matter where you stand in or out of the Burj Khalifa, the majesty of this fabulous architectural marvel is never short of appreciation. The Dubai Mall houses 1200+ retail outlets and 150 dining destinations. An underwater zoo and aquarium are housed within the Dubai Mall. At the foot of the mighty Burj Khalifa lies the largest choreographed fountains in the world, the Dubai Fountains. It enlightens tourists with its illuminated jet sprays swaying to the modern musical tunes from all over the world.

The Dubai Marina is a modern man-made marina features some of the fascinating vistas and incredibly tall skyscrapers that will leave you in awe. Hop on to a Yacht at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and experience the beautiful shores of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

This incredible and monumental feat achieved by man deserves praise from all corners. The Palm Jumeirah is a hot tourist spot with a wide variety of hotels, tourist attractions, and host of adventurous activities to indulge in.

Dubai Creek & Al Fahidi neighborhood

Away from all the glamorous side of Dubai lies the traditional quarter where the heart of the city is settled. The area houses the Dubai Museum and the famous souks (Gold, Spice, Textile, etc.). You can even enjoy an Abra ride at just 1 Dirhams.

Al Fahidi neighborhood is one of the historic districts of the Dubai city features a sneak peak of the ruminant past of Dubai before the oil boom. These centers act as a guide to Dubai’s rich cultural heritage and history. There are heritage tours conducted by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding for a better understanding of the Arab World.

The Desert Safari

Get a sneak peek into the rich Emirati culture and heritage. One of the most popular activities  called Dubai Desert Safari that both tourists and locals undertake. With a superb mix of adventure, delicacy, and delightfulness, you can easily carve an experience of your own.

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Jumeirah Beach Residence & the Kite Beach

Well oozing with luxury and elegance from each side, JBR is often considered the epitome of luxury in this Emirate. You can experience new tunes being pumped by guest DJs over the weekends. This place is never short of bustling activities and adventures. The Kite Beach is a favorite spot for water sports and other adventures.

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The incredible attractions in its neighborhood

Dubai itself is not the shining star in the Emirate, there are several star attractions in the vicinity of Dubai that will leave you spellbound. Below are some of the tourist hotspots in its neighborhood that will act as your Dubai tourist guide. Don’t miss out visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, The Emirates Palace, The Ferrari World, Jebel Hafeet, The Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Central Market, Al Bidyah Mosque, the Sharjah Arts Museum, and much more.

Lodging in Dubai

Dubai is one of the modern tourist hubs of the world. It welcomes millions of tourists each year. The best places to lodge in Dubai are divided into four quarters namely areas near the Burj Khalifa, areas near Jumeirah Beach Residence, areas near the Palm Jumeirah, and areas near the Dubai Marina. Every area carries a charm and elegance that is special to that place and cannot be by any means replicated in any other part of Dubai. Some of the famous hotels in Dubai are the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Roda Boutique Villas, Shangri-La Hotel, JA Ocean View Hotel, The H Dubai, Rixos The Palm Dubai, JA Palm Tree Court. The list is endless and will go on till infinity.

Other important points to note

  • Dubai is a Muslim state and tourists should be mindful of the local customs and traditions while exploring the city.
  • Dress codes are mandatory while visiting religious places like mosques and other public spaces.
  • Respecting the local culture and traditions will give you the best experience in this beautiful Emirate.

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