Yucatan through the fascinating Mayan culture

Yucatan through the fascinating Mayan culture

If the ancient Mayan population is one of your obsessions, you surely are planning to go visit their ruins: colossal temples facing the beautiful Mexican seaside, miles of stone cities hidden in the deep jungle and gigantic constructions showing unique decorations carved in the stone: discover the Yucatan through the fascinating Mayan culture!

What the Mayas managed to create at that time is incredible, mysterious and fascinating at the same time. Indeed, no one can really explain how they could predict the future and establish such a perfect calendar like the one they based most of their temple decorations on. No one can really understand how they built such gigantic buildings without the help of technology, modern transportation, and in general without the means that human beings have access to today.

Just like the Pyramids of Giza, even the ruins of the ancient Mayan cities cannot be explained or fully analysed. Everything is fragmented and science cannot state anything for certain.

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If you want to delight your eyes with a view to the colossal Mayan constructions, you should head to Mexico and go on a tour of the cultural sites that The Golden Scope scouted specifically for you.

Chichen Itza

The Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza are known for being the most beautiful and fascinating ones in the whole of Mexico. Only 3 hours away from Grand Velas Riviera Maya, this site is easy to reach and incredible to visit. The most popular Mayan construction on that site if the Pyramid of Kukulkan – also captured in the famous Mel Gibson’s movie of Apocalypto, where the Mayan priest cut the heads of the people. Experts stated that this building was first created to celebrate the Mayan calendar, and for each stairs, there is a meaning: a specific day, month, and year…


The ruins of Uxmal are positioned in the northern part of the Yucatan. Famous for the detailed decorations carved in the stone, this site is said to represent all the celebrations to the Gods. In particular, the majority of the composition all refer to the God of Rain as Uxmal city did not have a water supply system, so its inhabitant were all relying on rain to support themselves with water.


This ancient city is know all over the world thanks to the Castillo built right on a cliff. The fortress faces the wonderful Mexican waters, and it is said to be an ancient port that the Mayas would use to monitor sea-trades between Honduras and Yucatan.


Immersed in the jungle, Coba used to be one of the most important cities for the Mayan population. Composed by numerous gigantic constructions and wonderful decorations, this site includes the Temple of the Church and the Pyramid of the Painted Lintel.



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