Masai, the tribe of the savannah

Piaya Maasai - Masai, the tribe of the savannah

The life in a big city, with its tons of cement and only few small green areas, with the stress of daily traffic and crowded public transport, and then work problems… unfortunately, it’s part of the life for many of us.

Today The Golden Scope will tell you about an African tribe has never had, and probably it never will, these problems: the Masai tribe.

Masai tribe has for generations a semi-nomadic people, moving periodically between Tanzania and Kenya to follow the seasonal rains of East Africa.

The movements with their inseparable herds of cattle, have a great advantage: they allow the grass to grow back in areas where they don’t stay one time not long.

Probably, Masai are from north-Africa, a few centuries ago they moved south following the course of the River Nile, until to reach Rift Valley, this area is located between the modern states of Kenya and Tanzania.

Their homes, their life and their habits, are inextricably linked to livestock; it is the source of livelihood for a pastoral people, this style of life, more adventurous and linked to the open spaces of the savannah, belongs to them.

Perhaps who lives in a big city, like me, tries a bit ‘of envy for a complete absence of stress ….

The life of these people and their inseparable cattle, is very simple and characterized by two seasons in their land: the rainy season from November to April and the dry season from May to October.

They do not have any type of modern technology and its benefits, they are not rich, but they live a completely free life, in contact with nature.

They are serene, you can see their serenity  on faces of some of them, adults and children… captured by photos….

Joseph Ole Simel, a Masai, said: “According to our traditional philosophy, earth does not belong to an only individual. It belongs to those who died, to those are living and those who are not yet born. ”


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