St. Peter Island

St. Peter Island

Sardinia an Italian island that all the world admires to Italy, for its natural beauties, both in the coastal and inland areas, and then its crystal clear sea, the wonderful frame of both tourist areas and wild places.

From north to south this wonderful island offers some ideal places not only for the classic summer sea vacation but also for relaxing stays during the current spring.

In southwestern Sardinia there are: the Sulcis-Iglesiente, a territory characterized by a flat area; Campidano, bordered by some mountain ranges;  and the Sulcis Archipelago composed by nine islands and some islets. Here,The Golden Scope will spend another spring tour with you.

St. Peter’s Island is one of the two largest islands in the archipelago and in recent years it has increased its reputation in Italy thanks to a successful television series “The Isle of Peter” set right on this striking island with Gianni Morandi as the protagonist.

This island has a volcanic origin and 33 kilometers of coastline; it’s predominantly rocky with a variety of caves, crags, creeks and natural pools with small beaches… a joy of those who love relaxation and tranquility away from the “crazy crowd of vacationers”.

Queen’s hawks nest on the picturesque cliffs and usually in autumn fall into Madagascar to spend the winter. While a rich colony of pink flamingos lives in the ponds and in the marshes of the interior. A very amazing landscape.. .

Carloforte is the only town on the island, it has just over 6,000 inhabitants and it’s located on the eastern part of the coastline, which is low and sandy, unlike other rocky areas. So the port of St. Peter’s Island born here.

The historic center of Carloforte is very particular, it’s characterized by the Carruggi: a series of alleys and narrow streets where you can walk during these sweet, sunny days… you may feel  part of this community  of people who enjoy a delightful distance from big cities with their pollution and busy life… St. Peter’s Island, “fortunately” doesn’t know these aspects…. “fortunately” for the inhabitants but also for those who visit it!


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