Castleton Botanical Garden

Castleton Botanical Garden

Jamaica, a country that excites the imagination of each of us from different points of view! As DJ and music lover, my mind goes to the typical music of this place, the reggae.

A timeless musical genre, with its undisputed king… Bob Marley.

Then  the overwhelming beauty of the Caribbean and the its sea! Their colors contend for the beauty primacy to other beautiful areas such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines in the Far East.


Apart from these aspects universally known, thanks to its tropical climate, Jamaica has a very diversified indigenous flora and for this reason today The Golden Scope speaks of Castleton Botanical Garden.

This botanical garden was opened on 19 November 1862; originally it was a sugar plantation owned by a British farmer, then in 1869, he donated the property to the Jamaican government.

Castleton quickly became the most famous botanical gardens in the Caribbean continuing to receive new species. For example the typical of the area palm trees… its Palmetum during the years has accommodated 180 different species! Unfortunately today they have been reduced to “only” 25.

This rich botanical reality attracts a variety of birds and, walking in the garden, it is easy to find different species of birds… they permit to visitors to admire them without fear!

Castleton is surrounded by Santa Maria hills, it’s the ideal place for nature lovers who prefer quiet places to relax and cool… listening the Wag river flowing and “rocked” by a lush green grass… in Bob Marley’s homeland these aspects are perfectly combined…




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