Hainan, the tropical China

Hainan island

China is a gigantic country, and obviously, with very different types of climate.  In fact, in the far north, during the winter, temperatures can easily attain the 20/30 degrees below zero; while in the far south, which corresponds to the tropical zone of our planet, the winter does not really exist….

China, a country with a fascinating history and an ancient culture, a country of which The Golden Scope is a fan, and me, the writer of this article, when I was a young man, experienced on site the post Cultural Revolution.

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Today The Golden Scope chose to show just the extreme south of this country, namely Hainan.

This tropical place is an island, slightly larger than Italian Sicily, located in the South China Sea.

Until 1988, the locals lived there only by fishing and agriculture because the proximity to the area of Vietnam, an unstable war zone, penalized them, with regard to tourism development.

In that year, the central government of China appointed it as a province and started to program the development of the economy of the area including Hainan and the other little islands.

Location, climate and natural beauty, made to determine as developing tourism and in no more time, the islands became the favorite holiday sea destinations  by the Chinese.

You should know that this tropical zone is the same as the Caribbean and the Maldives so, in recent years, it has developed an international tourism, too.

In particular beautiful golf resorts have been created… a strong attraction for tourists/golfers from all sides of the world.

The days, when Hainan was an unknown island that lived exclusively by fishing and agriculture, are a distant memory.

It proposes to international tourist market a varied and competitive offer; it can make available a lot of luxurious facilities and a large accommodation capacity.

And finally, in order to simplify the paperwork for the visa, it has signed agreements with 23 countries to allow visitors to get it quickly at the arrival at the airport!

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