The Michigan Lake

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Lake Michigan is amazing for several reasons…

It’s the largest lake in the United States and the fifth in the world. Its area is 57,760 km square, its length is 500 km and its width is 190 km… As a comparison, the Adriatic Sea in Italy, which overlooks the city of Venice, is about 150 km wide!

Because its considerable size, it wets four different states: Michigan, Visconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

The beaches, especially in Michigan, have a white sand called “singing sand”,  for the characteristic “crunch” emitted when you stepped on, this sound is due to the high content of quartz.

The Golden Scope was particularly impressed by Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, a park, with exceptional natural features, established in 1970.

Forests, beaches, amazing dunes that “plunge” into the lake and ancient glacial phenomena characterize this beautiful area.

The park’s name comes from a legend. This legend tells about a mother bear with her two cubs who were surprised, on the banks of the lake by a fire. Mama bear dived into the lake, her cubs followed, they swam for miles to reach the opposite bank.

Unfortunately the puppies were drowned in the crossing without their mother noticing; in fact, mama bear waited in vain for a long time, on a promontory on the opposite bank….

The Great Spirit Manitou, moved by the pain of that mother, created in memory of the two cubs drowned, two islands … The North and South Manitou Islands.

The legend also said that, under one of the dunes, on the shore of the lake, mother bear is asleep, still waiting to see her two puppies….

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