River cruises around the world

River cruises around the world

Going on vacation on a cruise ship, is as unique as fun! Jumping from country to country, waking up every morning in a different city, encountering different cultures every time the ship stops in a port.

However, the most unique cruise-holiday is not by the sea, but it’s by the river.

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Just picture yourself on the dock of a traditional river-cruise ship, sailing up the stream towards the deep jungle. Just stop for a moment and imagine the beautiful landscape surrounding you, and the incredible sunsets that you can barely see through the thick greenery. You could be there right now discovering the Amazon River, or admiring the wonderful South East Asian culture through the Mekong.

If, instead, you prefer a more dry whether and you love animals, you should then picture yourself cruising up the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Africa. Stopping from time to time to enjoy the view of the animals drinking along the riverbanks, this could be a fascinating and incredible experience for you and your travel-partners!

A river-cruise can be said to be a wonderful and unique vacation; indeed, you could relax and rest, whilst admiring the wildlife of some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world.

Besides, not many people choose to go on river cruises, as they prefer to sail in the ocean, so the atmosphere on board of a river boat is absolutely exclusive and very quite. Riverboats are also much smaller than the gigantic ships that travel around the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean, and for this reason, if and when you go on a river cruise; you will be able to rest and relax. While cruising, you will also be able to discover new remote places and admire corners of the world that only few people have travelled to so far.

If you are convinced about going on a river cruise, then you should have a look at the following list: The Golden Scope selected the most beautiful and adventurous rivers in the world for you to travel to!


The Amazon River, South America

The Mississippi River, United States

The Mekong River, Cambodia & Vietnam

The Volga River, Russia

The Zambezi River, Zimbabwe, Africa

The Yangtze River, China


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