La Boca, the life in color

la boca

Argentina, this country includes most of the far south of South America. It owes its name to the Latin word argentum (silver) thanks to the legend that tells that the indigenous population of the Sierra de la Plata offered  to an exploratory expedition shipwrecked Spanish some gifts made in silver.

Buenos Aires, the capital is also the most populous town of the country with 3 million people in the town and more than 13 million, including the metropolitan area. Like any big city in the world, each district is equivalent to a small town both for the number of inhabitants and then the characterization of the buildings.

La Boca is a district of  50000 people. Originally, in the colonial era, it was a shantytown inhabited by black slaves; today it due the appearance of working-class neighborhood thanks mainly to immigrants Genoese that at the end of the nineteenth century settled here. In fact today local residents are called “Xeneizes” ie “Genoese”.

Initially the district developed around the harbor, now disused, the harbor was born at the entrance (from which the term “boca”) of the confluence between the Riachuelo river with Rio de la Plata. La Boca is now considered a sort of tourist attraction not only for its typical local Italian but  especially for its happy colorful houses.

The inhabitants originally used to paint their homes with the remains of the paint used for the barges for river transport of goods and this has now become a real tradition that intrigues and attracts many tourists.

You can not claim to have visited Buenos Aires if you have not walked on Caminito, the most famous street of La Boca, where, among the colorful houses and the stalls of local crafts, it’s possible to be captured by the performances of many “street artists”.

Here, the famous football star Diego Maradona was born and he spent his childhood. It is easy to see groups of boys playing with the ball in the street, near a giant picture of their “Dieguito”, and to listen to the seniors who tell about the child Maradona when he charmed the neighborhood with his magic …

The Square of Sighs, so named because from there the women  saw their men left by boats … The legendary Bombonera stadium, which saw the first spells of  “Pibe de Oro” …Maradona … The tango dancers who perform in the streets … The colorful houses in which people live simply, but in color … The tasty cheese pie that can be enjoyed in the Panaderia … All this is La Boca!


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