Salar de Uyuni, a Bolivian wonder

Salar de Uyuni, a Bolivian wonder

Have you ever heard of the biggest mirror of the world? And I am not referring to some strange Guinness Record of a guy building a massive mirror; what I am talking about here, is Salar de Uyuni, a wonderful natural show.

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Salar de Uyuni, also known as Salar de Tunupa, is the world’s largest salt flat. This desert spans on 12.000 km² of salt, and it is positioned in southwest Bolivia, not far from the city of Uyuni.

This place is a surely must-visit for anyone passing through South America!

Formed as a result of prehistoric geological changes – apparently numerous lakes blended in together and then dried out – Salar de Uyuni is completely covered in few meters of salt crust. When the sunrays light up the crust, the entire surface turns into a mirror reflecting everything and everyone standing on it.

You can only imagine how beautiful, fascinating and wonderful the show is: everything – literally everything – gets reflected. The sky, the clouds, the cars driving around, the people walking and even the birds flying. EVERYTHING.

Just take a look at the photos and the videos selected by The Golden Scope and you will understand what I am talking about.


You can either leave Uyuni town, or Tupiza; both cities offer several tour packages to the Salar.


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