Lost cities from the ancient world

Lost cities from the ancient world

Even if history is not exactly your favorite subject, visiting ancient cities like Troy, Pompeii or Machu Picchu will surely take your breath away.

All those old abandoned towns hold years and years of history within their walls. Buildings, monuments, roads and stone paths that you would see there were built back in the days (hundreds of thousands of years ago) when the cities were habited.

When walking around Pompeii, for example, you would be walking on the same streets that Roman senators and people from Pompeii would walk through every day to go to work or home.

Instead of going on a usual, boring holiday to the seaside or to the mountains, you should try head to one of the ancient towns mentioned below and let the atmosphere transport you through the history and traditions of the past.

When all those cities were first built, they were considered as the center of the world. Now they are just a symbol of our culture and they are not habited anymore.

It’s actually quite hard to think how such popular urban centers, like those mentioned in today’s article, could simply get lost and abandoned. Some times it depended on wars (Troy), natural disasters (Pompeii), climate change, and/or the loss of trading partners.

Either way, the following cities have all being lost in time, so The Golden Scope decided to bring them all back to life once again!

Carthage (Tunisia)

Troy (Turkey)

Memphis (Egypt)

Babylon (Iraq)

Mohenjo-daro (Pakistan)

Sanchi (India)

Mesa Verde (Colorado)

Persepolis (Iran)

Tiwanaku (Bolivia)

Pompeii (Italy)

Machu Picchu (Peru)


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