An art hotel

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Have you ever thought about a hotel where the rooms are real works of art created specifically for each room?

Imagine for a moment to be and to sleep in a work of art…

In Copenhagen, it was possible for those who have stayed at Hotel Fox, it was considered, the most exciting and creative in the world!

Another unique aspect is that the idea started in 2005, when Volkswagen programmed the launch of a new car named “FOX” and as a marketing strategy was created the “FOX Project”.

Twenty-one international artists were included in the project to transform 61 rooms at  Hotel Fox in as many works of art!

Around the world there are themed hotels, with designer furnishings, paintings and objects that personalize the rooms… but this hotel is something really different… street art and Japanese Manga have been brought within each  hotel room!

The result absolutely stunning is into the photos that The Golden Scope has selected for you… enjoy to see them one by one…

Surely the lucky ones who stayed in one of those art rooms, waking up in the morning, in the middle of a work of art, tried strong and pleasant  emotions!


T H E   V I D E O


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