The reign of flamingos


The nature of our planet is wonderful!  The Golden Scope is always looking for some paradise corners with spectacular flora and wonderful fauna to show you.

The African continent is only the third largest after Asia and America, but it’s characterized by countless natural beauties and it’s also and above populated by a huge variety of animal species living freely in the many countries that make up it!

Kenya is one of the favorite destinations for tourism around the world. We have already dedicated some articles:  the beautiful seaside resort of Watamu, and the charming Lamu island cradle of ancient Swahili culture.

In Kenya, as in all African countries, it is possible to explore suggestive national parks and natural reserves where wildlife creates, involuntarily and without a copycat, fascinating shows… the “spectators” go crazy to make photos and movies to show when they return home to family and friends…

Today, we visit an ancient nature reserve, Bogoria Lake, which was created on November 29, 1973 as a protected national reserve to safeguard the basin of this phantasmagorical lake, the surrounding area and the many “inhabitants” of this area.

Bogoria Lake is known as the “reign of flamingos”… already from far away this lake is a sort of wonderful Walt Disney movie set, with thousands of flamingos which seem to dye pink water…

These elegant birds are gusty of a special alga of this lake, so during all the year they stand in its very low waters feeding and resting and at the same time, giving to enthusiastic photographers the joy of making shots showing this fairy tale landscape.

Bogoria Lake is this and more… geysers and thermal springs along the shore…  Kenya’s natural beauties that everyone would be able to visit at least once in your life because the direct contact with this wild nature helps anyone to understand how wonderful our planet is!


T H E   V I D E O


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