St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Ireland, an island with natural beauty that cover his territory from north to south. it is politically divided in two parts: Northern Ireland, about one sixth of the island, still under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, which was born in 1922 thanks to the independence from the United Kingdom, it occupies the remaining five-sixths.

Republic of Ireland is also known as “Green Country” …it’s no coincidence…because it has plains with vast expanses of meadows and pastures, about two-thirds of its territory, and it’s crossed by several rivers such as the Shannon, it’s the longest and it gives rise to both lakes with marshes.

Furthermore, the coastal area is full of impressive cliffs like the famous Cliffs of Moher and wide bays with beaches and islets that change often and quickly based on the tide…. tourists sometimes returning there have difficult to recognize some places.

The patron Saint of the Republic of Ireland is St. Patrick, and the day when he is celebrated is on March 17th. A national holiday in his honor take place, and mainly in the capital Dublin, there are some colorful parades that seem real green spots on the move.

This anniversary is also celebrated in other countries in the world with significant Irish immigration. These countries also celebrate with spectacular parades in the streets of major cities such as, in Montreal (Canada) but also in New York, Chicago and Boston in the United States.

St. Patrick is also surrounded by fascinating legends. One of these tells that Patrick spent 40 days and 40 nights on Mount Padraig and the last day he cast a bell to the slopes of Mount, banishing all the snakes from the island. This is the legend and the reality is that on Irish soil, there is no species of snake…

Another legend speaks of Patrick escape from Ireland to France, because he had been a slave. In France his uncle lived. After crossing the Loire, his mantle was wet so he laid it on a hawthorn bush to dry…. even though it was winter… the plant began to flourish. Again this is the legend but the reality is that since then the hawthorn blooms in winter…

Also or above all for his miracles… St. Patrick’s Day is solemnly celebrated! Republic of Ireland on March 17th  “dresses” literally with the color symbol of the island: the green. Finally in Chicago the waters of the city’s river are tinged magically in “Irish green”…


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