Caserta’s Royal Palace

Caserta's Royal Palace

Italy is the country with the largest number of sites included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage. It has 58 sites and this record is due in particular to its splendid monuments,  that testify to its ancient history.

Caserta’s Royal Palace and its beautiful park, two jewels included on the UNESCO’s list in 1997. From my point of view, they are so beautiful that should be shown to the aliens that will land on our planet to signify the greatness of humanity…

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This splendid example of Italian baroque was designed in the ‘700 by a Neapolitan architect Luigi Vanvitelli commissioned by the King of Naples Charles III of Bourbon. This king was impressed by the beauty of Caserta territory of that time and he decided to create there a representative seat of his realm.

The Royal Palace of Caserta more than a monument is a monumental complex… in fact, it includes 45000 m2 with 1200 rooms, 1742 windows of which 143 only on the front side and 34 staircases… in short it is the world’s largest royal residence!

Then, the beautiful huge park surrounding extends to the top of the hill in front of the building. It is a fantastic set of gardens with impressive sculptures and fountains that offer spectacular water games through a series of interconnecting pools… this frames the phantasmagoric big waterfall!

It’s incredible, but real, everything has been created only for a “secondary” seat of the Bourbons reign….. ironically, King Charles who ordered the construction left the Kingdom of Naples before it was finished because he ascended the throne Spain and, therefore, moved to Madrid.

Everything is very special to see: the throne room, the atrium with the monumental grand staircase, the gallery that collects paintings of the Neapolitan school, the Venus and Adonis fountain, the new apartment built in the first half of the 800,  the old apartment in which it is exposed a Neapolitan Nativity Scene of the time… so dear to the royal family.

Furthermore the palace is extremely spectacular both inside and outside; for this reason it has attracted the attention of several directors in recent times; between them the famous George Lucas stands. There he shot scenes of the films “The Phantom Menace” and ” the Clones Attack “, ie first and second episode of the famous series of “Star Wars”

A final “curiosity”… in 1861 was born the Kingdom of Italy and Savoy officials was commissioned to catalog all the objects contained in the Royal Palace of Caserta… so they classified the “bidet”  inserting it in the list in this way: ” object with a shape as a mandolin but an unknown use”. It was just another time…


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