A weekend in the Belluna Valley

A weekend in the Belluna Valley

Mid seasons, like the present spring, are perfect for weekend, trips and excursions … in Italy you can choose among several destinations: lake, hill, plain, mountain or sea; of which our country from north to south is rich.

Veneto is surely one of the Italian regions that includes all the various kinds above mentioned… from the coastal strip overlooking the Adriatic Sea to the sweet reliefs of the enchanting  Colli Euganei… from the spectacular Po Delta Regional Park to the majestic Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park…

The Valley of Piave, created by the river of the same name, is one of the most fascinating areas of this region. It extends from the Cadore, in the province of Belluno, to the renowned Jesolo lagoon, another pearl of Veneto part of the metropolitan city of Venice.

The Belluna Valley, middle area of the Piave Valley, develops in the hills covered with prealpine bushes; it extends for about 30 km from Belluno to Feltre and it’s rich in pretty and characteristic localities such as Limana, Trichiana, Lentiai and Mel. In this letter municipality, at Bardies, I and my partner spent a wonderful weekend.

Beautifully because we were hosted of a absolutely welcoming and hospitable person: Olivo, who in just over a day, from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening, allowed us to live the local reality… carrying us around the valley, showing us very particular places and  “telling us the story of places and people”

Visiting the charming Feltre, on Sunday morning, it was wonderful. This little town is perched on a promontory at an altitude of just over 300 meters above sea level, to the west of the Piave River and at the slopes of the Dolomites. Walking through its narrow streets surrounded by beautiful old buildings is a pleasant jump in the past, into the history.

Going to discover the old town of Belluno, built on a promontory and surrounded by ancient walls that defended it from the attacks of the enemies… it’s absolutely relaxing… and then… when we saw the park placed on its slopes, a park created with the local volunteer help!  We have understood ​​how much locals love their land and take care of it.

At the end, we visited “Pedavena” and its homonymous brewery… with its particularly exciting history… It has made famous this town and its 4500 inhabitants.

Pedavena brewery was founded by the Luciani brothers in 1897, but in 1974 it was acquired by Heineken, which in 2004 decided to close it. Workers started a series of actions to oppose this drastic and unjustified decision…they collected about 44000 signatures, engaging the local population until  reaching the European Parliament!

So on January 10, 2006 they reopened their brewery and the Brewery Pedavena returned to Italian ownership thanks to the purchase by Birra Castello S.p.A. Of Udine. It’s a flourishing productive reality surrounded by a well-kept park! In short a happy story that Pedavena’s inhabitants are proud to tell!


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