Walking in Concepcion de Ataco

concepcion de ataco

Somewhere in El Salvador there is a town called Concepcion de Ataco, which is completely covered in murals! This is our topic of the day. This beautiful small town is a municipality and city with a population of 18,101 inhabitants.

It has started to open up its doors to tourists only in the late 2004. After the government realized Concepcion de Ataco had a lot potential—as it’s a very cheerful village—people began to invest in it. One of the projects developed to attract more tourists to the town is the mural painting.

The whole town has been decorated by some of the residents, who wanted to give Concepcion de Ataco a new face. They started to paint murals that represented their local ceremonies and traditions.

Thanks to this original idea, Ataco has been gaining more and more popularity among tourists, who when travelling to El Salvador, would usually head to the “painted city” to enjoy the “open air museum”.

Take a look for yourself at this uniquely wonderful exhibition of mural paintings.


T H E   V I D E O


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