The Bacuit Archipelago

Bacuit Archipelago

Today The Golden Scope will travel to a country in the Far East area of our planet …. we confess You that we have a weakness for it… the Philippines…  thousands of beautiful islands!

For example, the Palawan Archipelago, which includes the Bacuit Archipelago of this article, is composed of 1768 islands!

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These islands were unknown until a few decades ago and how they were discovered is really unusual. In 1979, in a night, a fishing boat collided with a school of tuna, this damaged the engine of the boat and it took refuge in a nearby bay .

When in the morning, fishermen awoke, the daylight showed them the bay of El Nido, central point into Bacuit Archipelago; until then it was unknown.

The wild islands of the Bacuit: white beaches of powdered coral are bathed by crystal clear waters; the landscapes show so pretty mountains, which seem to throw in the emerald sea.

These islands have predominantly a round shape, with different size, but each of them are covered by lush tropical vegetation, but in some flashes, a limestone and a black marble create some play of light and shadow …. something magical.

On the rock walls grow begonias and yucca and talisay trees, they are typical of this area. It’s possible to explore also the many caves; some of which are almost hidden by vegetation and, therefore, you can only be reached with a local guide.

There are also secret passages, among the mountains, they lead into the lagoons that may seem pools, but they are inhabited by fish that swims sometimes jumping out of the water.

It’s possible to see from the boats, the coral reefs… you can imagine what a wonderful underwater world exists in these waters? An experience not to be missed…

The few prestigious resorts that exist in this area are perfectly blended with the natural environment, rich in virgin forests and flora and fauna, not only surface but also underwater. The archipelago Bacuit is a real natural sanctuary!

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