Valparaiso and its colors

Valparaiso and its colors

Chile is a beautiful South American country. A narrow and long strip of land that, almost crushed between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, occupies the south/west end of the continent. Like almost all the countries of South America, Chile has many towns where bright colors enliven the life of their people and  the port city of Valparaiso with its colors is a good example.

Valparaiso is located about 70 kilometers from the capital Santiago, it has a population of about 250,000 inhabitants, and it’s the second port of the nation after that of San Antonio.

This city is famous in the world of the culture because an important exponent of Latin American literature of the ‘900 lived there: Ricardo Eliécer Neftali Reyes Basoalto, known worldwide with his pseudonym: Pablo Neruda. Later its pseudonym name was also recognized on a legal level.

Neruda was also a Chilean diplomat and politician. In Valparaiso it’s possible to visit a museum dedicated to him:  La Sebastiana, a fascinating place where the poet, enjoying  the beautiful landscape, found inspiration for his writings…and for them he had a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

We said in the title The colors of Valparaiso…. in fact the buildings located on the 42 hills called “Cerros” that characterize the city area, have cheerful colors… which seem to make them even more slender and “sinuous”

But in the town there are other incredible colors  for the astonished visitors… open-mouthed for a few seconds and then some hundred photos… because Valparaiso is also known as the “city of murals “also and above all because the local authorities encourage this form of street-art that cheers the streets with a rain of colors.

Tourists can discuss what are the most beautiful … but it’s a difficult choice!!

The colorful houses, the murals, the 42 cerros/hills, the historic port and even more… have certainly contributed to the UNESCO choice that in 2003 included the historic center of Valparaiso on the World Heritage List.


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