Castelsardo and its beaches

Castelsardo and its beaches

The tour of the most picturesque Italian villages continues and furthermore the summer is arrived, so we have chosen to go to Sardinia, a beautiful island that attracts tourists from around the world.

Today The Golden Scope presents Castelsardo, a village perched on a promontory, surrounded by a crystal clear sea and some very inviting beaches…

This village was founded in 1102 by the Doria family from Liguria who gave it the name of Castel Genovese. Later, in 1448, it was conquered by the Spaniards, and it was called Castell Aragonese. Only in 1769 the Savoy rulers gave it the present name: Castelsardo.

Like all ancient towns, Castelsardo also has an inner city, called “Casteddu”, with a series of “twisted” narrow paths that immerse you into the past.

The maze of streets with countless stone steps, the old houses and the little squares in stone, dates back to the construction of the village… more than 900 years ago…

The landscape visible from the promontory is really a postcard… you surely will find a lot of postcards that show several symbols of Castelsardo: for example the “elephant rock”.

Selefante 1

A unique rock formation shaped as an elephant modeled by the elements over the centuries.

Regarding the beaches, those of Castelsardo, with those of Costa Paradiso, are considered the most beautiful on the island!

The fine sand color cream and the flat rocks await the tourists who want to tan, the same blue of the sea and of the sky… they are Sardinia, one of the most beautiful islands in the world!


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