What to see when in Alaska

If you love the freezing cold and you’re fascinated by snowy landscapes then Alaska should definitely be on your bucket list.

This vast state, located north


Whitewater Rafting, the real adventure

Have you always wanted to go on a real adventure and follow the path of a river until it gets wavy, aggressive and dangerous?
Have you always


Top destinations for a “Bear Safari”

If you are imagining a safari, probabily you are thinking about the wild animals of the african savannah… in fact this is the best known holiday safari.


360 selfies in 36 different countries

Alex Chacon has been going viral on the web thanks to his numerous selfies as well as his incredible 360° degrees video.
What’s so interesting and fascinating about


Most stunning ski resorts in the world

Written by Valentina Romano
For all those who are passionate about skiing, and for those who just love the atmosphere of the snowy mountains; The Golden Scope

Art & Photography

Around the World in 8 Breakfasts

“The first thing I do when I wake up, I have breakfast” Karl Lagerfeld
Have you ever wondered why we always try not to eat the same