Places unknown by most travellers 8

It’s time to bring back our column on “places unknown by most travellers”. Even this time we picked five wonderful destinations for you to have a look

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The “magical” Alnwick Castle

England is a country where it is easy to find historic monuments and buildings, palaces or castles, which, with their grandeur, remind us into the past during


The Leeds Castle

England is famous for its medieval castles surrounded by parks; their natural beauty and the architectural beauty both of the exterior and interior, contend the admiration of


Sark Island

English Channel, this stretch of sea separates the Great Britain from continental Europe, and it connects the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean;  its narrowest point has


Top Spa getaways in the UK

Although the UK is not a popular destination for spa holidays, there are a lot of beautiful spa hotels spread all around the country that are worth

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London, hometown of Queen

Some days ago we published the article about the English capital:
But today… since we are great music lovers… we are “pleasantly” obliged to talk again about


Castles for rent in Europe

You know all those colossal, beautiful and romantic European castles that we keep on seeing in movies? Yes, those ones are actually available for rent!
If you


When nature designs and builds tunnels

Sunsets, sunrises, and incredible landscapes are all things that Mother Nature constantly awards us with. Wonderful natural shows are every person’s soft spot: who wouldn’t want to admire


Driving a tuk tuk around the globe

Written by Valentina Romano
Two young British men decided to try something incredibly adventurous and hit the Guinness World Record with a 42,120-kilometre journey around the globe.