Historical bridges around the world

How many times have you crossed a bridge thinking it was a wonderful construction and wondering who and when it was built?
It happened so many times


The most iconic skyscrapers of our time

Every country has a “signature-building” that works as identity card: Italy has the Colosseum, Cambodia has Angkor Wat, Sydney the Opera House and Egypt has the Pyramids

Travel & Music

London, hometown of Queen

Some days ago we published the article about the English capital:
But today… since we are great music lovers… we are “pleasantly” obliged to talk again about


Ice bars from around the world

If you have never heard of an ice bar before, then you better keep your hears open and list—more accurately—read what we are about to tell you!


Cat Cafés: Pick the One Closest to You

Have you ever wanted a pet animal but because you work too much you can’t take care of it?
Along the lines of the Japanese Cat Cafés,