Discovering Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve

The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is one of the world’s most wonderful natural places. Situated in Chile, not too far from the Argentinian border, the reserve spans


The Deserts of the World

If you like to be immersed in the peace and tranquillity of nature; then you should definitely organise a trip to a desert, unless you have done

Travel & Art

MUSA, the underwater museum

If you like unconventional things, then you will surely appreciate the MUSA, Museo Subacuatico de Arte, located in Cancun, Mexico.
The MUSA is a museum positioned at the


Galapagos Islands, Ecuadorian paradise

The Golden Scope decided to write about the Galapagos, as those islands are so beautiful and fascinating that when there it would be like being in a


Best Ecolodges in South America

For all those who love to be immersed in nature, The Golden Scope prepared a list of the most beautiful and best ecolodges in South America.


Brazil’s most beautiful beaches

When thinking about Brazil the first thing popping into you mind would probably be Rio de Janeiro—and of course the Football World Cup.
However, this beautiful South


Alter do Chão, a dream vacation

Located 33km west of Santarém in Brazil, Alter do Chão is renowned for the picturesque white-sand island—Ilha do Amor (Island of Love)—which is situated directly in front


La Boca, the life in color

Argentina, this country includes most of the far south of South America. It owes its name to the Latin word argentum (silver) thanks to the legend that


River cruises around the world

Going on vacation on a cruise ship, is as unique as fun! Jumping from country to country, waking up every morning in a different city, encountering different


Torres del Paine National Park

On our planet there are many national parks where it’s possible to see, based on the different continents where they are, wonderful… amazing flora and fauna.