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Turkey Archives - The Golden Scope

The fairy chimneys in Cappadocia

Turkey is a fascinating country, it is considered the gateway to the East, mainly because it is geographically located between Europe and Asia.
Cappadocia, included in UNESCO’s


Discovering Dalyan

Turkey is a fascinating country with a lot of natural and historical attractions to visit and a very unique geographical position between the European and the Asian


Destinations with skin-healing perks

It’s been scientifically proven that going on vacation is actually healthy for your brain. Indeed, when on holiday people stop their daily routines by relaxing and sort


Skiing in Erzurum

Our “particular” winter ski holidays in Europe continue. For this week we have chosen a country overlooks the Mediterranean sea, between the European and Asian continents: the


When Nature creates pools

Mother Nature awards us everyday with unique and incredible shows, such as breath-taking sunsets, colorful sunrises and unique landscapes.

The Golden Scope is trying to find and