Castell’Arquato, a medieval village

Italy is a country rich in medieval villages, The Golden Scope has already some of which…. but what we visit today offers visitors an atmosphere “particularly” medieval…


Tokelau, the atolls not much known

New Zealand, a beautiful country to which The Golden Scope has already dedicated some articles showing his wild and wonderful nature in various forms, from the fjords


St. Patrick’s Day

Ireland, an island with natural beauty that cover his territory from north to south. it is politically divided in two parts: Northern Ireland, about one sixth of


Where to see giant pandas

We previously published an article on the top places where to see wild bears. Don’t know if you noticed, but we didn’t include pandas in the list, as


The Elephant Valley Project

Cambodia is an Asian country where the rampant progress, with its skyscrapers and its shopping center, has not yet taken the total upper hand.
There are large

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The charming Hoot Owls

Rome, the Italian capital, in recent centuries this ancient city has been the cradle of noble families that inherited their houses improperly called “Villa”, such as Villa


Holi, the Festival of Colors

The spring is approaching and around the world many events have taken place, are taking place or will take place, to celebrate and welcome the new season.


What to see when in Prague

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is also the historical capital of Bohemia.
Prague is situated on the Vltava River, and


The old village of Corinaldo

Marche is a region in central Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The Umbrian-Marchigian Apennine marks the border with other regions: Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, and also Emilia -Romagna


The nordic region Jotunheimen

The Golden Scope has already shown some natural beauties in Norway such as the fjords and Lapland.
At 240 kilometers north-west of Olso there is Jotunheimen, an


Borneo of Penan tribe

Borneo, only the word evokes adventure travels, an area of our planet surrounded by the world’s oldest tropical forest!

This forest is located in front of