Walk for those ones not suffer of dizziness

Walk for those ones not suffer of dizziness - Spain

In Spain, near Malaga, there is a path built along the rocky walls of a rushing river, it’s not suitable for people suffering from vertigo.

It is a walkway of about 3 km with long stretches just one meter wide and suspended about 100 meters above the river.

It was built last century, between 1901 and 1905, by the Sociedada Hidroeléctrica del Chorro; it needed access to the two waterfalls of the place.

In 1921 King Alfonso XIII of Bourbon crossed it, on the Conde del Guardalhorce dam inauguration, and for this reason it is commonly known as El Caminito del Rey.

In March of 2014 it was closed for restoration work and in April 2015 it was reopened to the public, but especially to reckless hikers from around the world.

In the past the local authorities have tried, in every way, to limit access, but hikers, particularly from Europe, have continued to go there, despite four fatal accidents that occurred between 1999 and 2000.

Provincial authorities of Malaga and Andalucia Region have taken note about this unstoppable flow and they have decided to invest in the redevelopment of the Caminito del Rey and get economic benefits.

Access is free but regulated; reservations are necessary, a ticket has to be booked on the official website www.caminitodelrey.info .

The significant and continuous flow of visitors brings, of course, tourism and thus economic benefits to the entire area.


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