The most original hotels in the world


Only for you, The Golden Scope prepared a list of the top 6 most peculiar and fascinating hotels in the world:

KAKSLAUTTANEN HOTEL is situated in the Finnish Lapland, right in the middle of a  wood, where it is possible to enjoy the view of the northern lights. Thanks to the design of the rooms, it is also possible to watch the incredible natural-show directly from your bed, as the ceiling of the igloos are made of glass! (


LUMILINNA SNOW CASTLE is also part of the Finnish heritage, and its peculiarity is given by the material used to build it: PURE ICE. Yes, that’s right, the whole hotel is made of ice and snow, rooms, bathrooms, restaurants…all of it! So, your next step: get out your warmest fur coat and go have a look at this incredible place! (


Moving on to a warmer and more tropical atmosphere, the POSEIDON UNDERSEA RESORT definitely needs you to pay a visit. Built 13 meters under the sea, this resort is a unique creation positioned in the magical Fiji islands. Its fascinating walls and ceilings made of glass, let you have a full view of the reef and of the incredible life underwater. Included in the price of the rooms is also a course on how to pilot a submarine. (


The Swedish TREE HOTEL is a very peculiar creation. Indeed, it only presents a small number of rooms, which are all built on trees, and which are all designed according to random objects: there is the bird-nest room, the mirror-cubicle room (picture below) and many other strange shaped-rooms…check out the pictures and you will understand what I am talking about…Incredible, isn’t it?! (


ATTRAP’RÊVES HOTEL is designed following the shape of soap bubbles. This strange building is located in France and it is immersed in a wood surrounded by anything, but trees and nature. The original aspect of this place is displayed in the rooms: they are transparent bubbles composed by a bed and bedside tables, and they are not attached to the main building. (


GIRAFFE MANOR could look pretty normal from the inside: a very beautiful and refined old colonial house turned into an exclusive boutique hotel. However, you should maybe take a look at the garden outside…This Kenyan hotel, situated in Nairobi, has a group of giraffes as pet animals! I am not kidding…and the most amazing thing about this place is that when you ask the concierge for the alarm clock service, you will not receive a standard phone call, but a giraffe will come knock at your bedroom window and won’t stop until you wake up and feed it! (


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