Graffiti of the Berlin Wall

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The person who is writing this article today for The Golden Scope has always looked every artistic expression, of any type, without prejudice of any kind; with a key to understanding very naive, just looking for the emotions that were broadcast…

01berlin wall graffiti

You must know that… while I watched the murals of the Berlin Wall, I cried and then I laughed, I got angry… and then softened.


Why? Because this dark reinforced concrete wall, built in one night, as only the horrible madness are consumed quickly… It was shot down by pickaxes full of anger and joy…


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This barren symbol of “division” , not only for the world, but for the families, for the people and… for the people from their own dreams of freedom and better life; it stood from 1961 to 1989, but then …  as happens in the famous murals of the Trabant, it was “broken” !


Today about this wall, just something really nice stays: the “East Side Gallery”, the famous gallery of murals painted in 1990 by artists with no barriers of nationality, gender, styles, cultures… without barriers, without walls…


And now look at you too…


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