The painted village of Zalipie

The magic of the painted village

In the south of Poland there is a village that seems coming out from a storybook or a Walt Dysney’s film, a kind of magical movie set…

The name of this village is Zalipie and its feature is probably unique in the world: the houses are painted with designs and decorations that make them fabulous!

It all started over a hundred years ago when the women who lived there began to paint both the external and internal walls of their home, with a variety of colors that still makes people happy just by looking at them…

The walls of the houses were not painted in the traditional way, but you have to think that everything began to erase the effects of soot caused by the fires that were lit in eveery homes both for heating and for cooking.

Despite the passage to other cookers and heating systems of new generation which eliminated the problem of soot fires, the paint houses inside and outside has become a local tradition.

Real artistic competitions were also organized between the various Zalipie’s families, the protagonists of these competitions are always the women with their creativity.

In fact Felicja Curilowa’s home, a historical figure of the village, where she was born in 1904 and died in 1974, was transformed into a veritable museum in order to preserve the fruit of this timeless art. In reality, Zalipie is a “museum”, a magical “hidden”museum  into the green of southern Poland.



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