Doolin and the Moher Cliffs

Doolin and the Moher Cliffs

How many times we wanted to be in a cozy and relaxing place, only us and nature that surrounds and pampers us. We are sure that many of you, in one of those moments, would like to be in the wonderful place of Ireland that we present today: Doolin and the Moher Cliffs.

The Republic of Ireland, with its 4.5 million inhabitants, is a member state of the European Union; it includes almost all of the homonymous island which lies to the north-west of the European continent. This nation, is considered, by the Press Freedom Index, a model with regard to freedom of the press and economic freedom.

Ireland is known internationally as “The Emerald Isle” but also as the “Green Country” thanks to its splendid nature: immense expanses of meadows and pastures that cover almost the whole of its territory!

Right in a little corner of paradise of this territory there is a village with about 500 inhabitants: Doolin, a charming coastal village overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that crashes impetuously on the cliffs.

Doolin has always been a typical fishing village…it almost looks like a movie set…with its brightly colored houses and its 3 ancient pubs always crowded with tourists eager to immerse themselves in the traditional Irish atmosphere… while sipping a good beer …and listening to the sweet melody of typical musical pieces interpreted live by local groups.

Doolin, like all the coastal centers, has its own small harbor from which it’s possible to sail, by boats of small dimensions, to reach the Aran Islands that are located just in front of the village a short distance from it. These three islands have the same atmosphere of the small village of the coast, being very small and with a total of about 1,300 inhabitants of which about 800 on the “major” island.

The impressive Cliffs of Moher begin right where the town of Doolin ends. They are one of the most famous and visited places in all of Ireland. About 8 kilometers long, they are perched on the sea with an impressive maximum height of 270 meters and an equally impressive minimum height of “only” 120 meters … so you can imagine the excitement of visitors looking from those heights to the Ocean Atlantic crashing its waves on the rocks!

We are sure that after reading this article and watching the photos and videos, many of you will consider Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher as magical places that each of us should visit at least once in a lifetime!


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