Anghiari, a medieval jewel

The green and relaxing Tuscany is famous all over the world. Its hills covered by vineyards and its cottages are the ideal place for who love to


Yucatan through the fascinating Mayan culture

If the ancient Mayan population is one of your obsessions, you surely are planning to go visit their ruins: colossal temples facing the beautiful Mexican seaside, miles

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The village of Durness

The Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region that includes the territory in the far north/west of the UK. Their spectacular landscapes dominated by a wild and almost


The Archipelago of Langkawi

Langkawi, which is more commonly known as the Jewel of Kedah (Kedah is Malaysian state located north of the country), is an archipelago composed of 104 islands.


Mergozzo and its lake

Italy is a country with an important tourist vocation; a peninsula with over 7400 kilometers of coastline can offer tourists, both domestic and international, from north to


What to see when in Lisbon

As you all know, Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city. It lies in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus.
This beautiful and


The Village of Arquà Petrarca

Today we’ll have a new tour between the Italian regions, precisely in Veneto. This region owes its name to Venetian people, or old-Venetian, to distinguish the old


Amazing aquariums of our planet

For a fun day out, go to an aquarium and experience the wonderful atmosphere of the underwater creatures.
However, you shouldn’t go to just a normal aquarium,


Doolin and the Moher Cliffs

How many times we wanted to be in a cozy and relaxing place, only us and nature that surrounds and pampers us. We are sure that many


What to see when in Botswana

Botswana is a country located in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Being a premier safari destination, Botswana offers some of the most beautiful