The Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

England is famous for its medieval castles surrounded by parks; their natural beauty and the architectural beauty both of the exterior and interior, contend the admiration of visitors.

Kent is a famous area for its green expanses and in the heart of this area there is a real gem: the Leeds Castle.

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Leeds Castle was built between the twelfth and sixteenth century over two islets into a lake artificially created in 1272, damming the River Len. Lord Conway, an English nobleman who lived between the end of ‘500 and half of the’ 600, enthusiastically described  it, in this way: “the most beautiful castle and therefore the most admired around the world”

Leeds Castle has had several owners, from the property of the royal families, from Eduardo I to Henry VIII, then famous families like the St Leger and Fairfax; until it was bought in 1926 by an Anglo-American heiress known as Lady Baillie.

According to the testamentary dispositions of the latter, after her death the Leeds Castle Foundation was created. It administers and manages the castle and the huge park that surrounds it.

Architecturally, the castle is a set of styles from different periods. For example, the neo-Gothic residential building, also called new castle, dating back to 1820. While the supporting walls and towers, with D-shaped, date back 1280.

The interiors are richly decorated with medieval furniture and ceramics and on the walls you can admire paintings by Cranach the Younger and Giovan Battista Tiepolo. In the adjacent park there is  the famous labyrinth, decorated with 2400 taxus trees.

Lord Conway, about the castle, also said “I admired Leeds Castle in the waters in an autumn evening … when the ferns are golden and the slight haze is bluish” a romantic image of the typical Kent countryside guarding “the loveliest castle in the world”.


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